The Todd Evans Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament is coming back again for the fifth straight year, and registration is currently open. The tournament will be held at Cedarcrest Golf Course on Saturday, Aug. 17, and will have a shotgun start at 8:30 a.m.

The event will be set up as a four-man scramble where everyone is invited to either make their own team or simply be added to a team that needs more players. The entry fee for each participant is currently $110 until Aug. 3 and $125 following that date. The fee covers a wide range of things including use of the course, golf carts, a T-shirt and dinner.

If you are unable to attend the event or want to find another way to support it, you can also become a sponsor. You can donate $500 to become a Tournament Sponsor or $100 to sponsor one of the holes on the course.

“When I first started all of this, I thought that it would just be a nice gesture given my brother's battles with mental health. I did not realize how much work this was actually going to be, and if it wasn’t for the people that volunteer we wouldn’t be able to pull this off,” said Tournament Coordinator Mike Evans.

Todd Evans, Mike's brother, battled with mental illness throughout his life, which left him unable to seek help and ultimately his eventual passing on Oct. 24, 2014. Todd was left undiagnosed for his mental illnesses until later in life, and it is now the mission of the Scholarship Fund to bring awareness to mental health as well as helping kids in the community. 

“It’s all a learning process, and the more we learn about our potential roadblocks, the more we can do for the kids in the area. We do our small part in helping these kids go to college and I wish we could do more. Hopefully we can continue to get bigger and better and give more money to those who need it,” said Mike Evans.

Every year the Todd Evans Scholarship Fund gives out thousands of dollars to local students in order to help them take their next step in education. The current guidelines for applicants consist of a minimum 2.5 GPA, a pursuit of higher education and an essay. The essay puts an emphasis on mental health as each student needs to write on how it has affected their lives, whether that be with themselves, friends, family, etc. This year’s two scholarship winners were Arlington High School’s Max Smith and Weston High School’s Macie Bailey. 

Aside from the scholarships, the Fund also gives money to underprivileged youth in order for them to participate in local sports leagues and camps.

If you want to learn about the golf tournament, scholarships or the other events coming later this year you can check out You can also contact the Todd Evans Scholarship Fund through their website or Mike Evans by phone, 425.319.7513, if you have any additional questions.


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