The Marysville Getchell Track Program offered the very first Chargers Co-Ed Throwers Camp on July 16-18.

The camp was open to anyone interested in throwing, from sixth grade all the way up to incoming seniors in high school. For only $30, each participant was able to learn from the entire Marysville Getchell throwing staff including Roger Beauchamp, Ned Prouse and Alfredo Diaz.

“We’re trying to build the program here at Getchell and we’ve had throwers ask us if we offer anything over the summer. We have some great throwing coaches in the area, and we want to grow this camp as we move forward to give these kids a place where they can get better in the offseason,” said Marysville Getchell Throwing Coach Roger Beauchamp.

Over the three days every camper was given the opportunity to practice the three main throws including shot put, discus and javelin. The focus of the camp was to provide basic techniques and fundamentals for each of the throws, while also providing advanced techniques for those who needed it. 

In addition to their hands-on coaching style, Marysville Getchell was also able to let middle schoolers get a head start on learning the javelin, as they do not offer that until high school. The ability for the younger throwers to learn alongside varsity athletes was also a huge benefit of the camp, as beginners could learn tips from the more advanced throwers as well. 

“It was important for us to have a wide age range of throwers come in here so that the younger ones can see where they could be if they keep working at it. In Marysville we’ve had some amazing throwers come out of here, like Jarred Rome, and we want to keep that tradition alive by doing our part in developing our young talent,” said Coach Beauchamp.

If you want to learn more about camps that Marysville Getchell offers, you can find all of the information at or email with your questions.


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