Eagles’ sophomore Ethan Martin, left, looks to drive into the lane as Arlington senior Joseph Schmidt, right, defends at Arlington Airport on Aug. 11.


The 3on3X three-on-three basketball tournament, Western Washington’s premier basketball event, was held at Arlington Municipal Airport from Aug. 10-11.

Even with the rain coming in full effect throughout the weekend, 185 teams came out to compete on the blacktop, which was the third-highest total in the history of 3on3X. The first matchups started at 9 a.m. on Saturday morning and went through Championship matchups on Sunday evening. 

3on3X is open for anyone to compete, as they had divisions set up for players in the third grade up to adults, as well as co-ed teams. They also split those divisions into even more specific levels as they had competitive and recreational brackets.

“It’s great to see people come out for more than just watching the games, because it shows me that this has become something more than a basketball tournament, it’s a community event. There are people that I don’t see all year, but I get to catch up with them out here at the 3-on-3,” said Board Member Jeff Bryson.

The tournament is more than just an event surrounding basketball, it is also a nonprofit that raises funds for foundations in the area. Every year they are able to raise thousands of dollars for local youth basketball programs and the local chapter of the American Cancer Society.

“My favorite part is watching everyone that I’ve seen grow up in the program come out and play the game. It’s so important to have our families out here, the basketball team and all of the volunteers helping out because without them we wouldn’t have the tournament,” said Board Member Kelli Tregoning. 

On top of giving back to the community, the community also gives back to 3on3X with a ton of support from beginning to end. As a nonprofit, the event relies on their volunteers as the Arlington High School Honor Society and cheerleaders come out to give their time, on top of all of the family members and local supporters.

If you’re interested in checking out everything about 3on3X for next year, you can find their information at www.3on3x.com


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