The Snohomish County FC Steelheads battled with the Grays Harbor Gulls in the Western Washington Premier League on July 13.

Snohomish County FC entered the competition tied with two other clubs for second place in the league,   and they needed a victory in order to keep themselves in contention for the WWPL Championship. 

Both clubs came out playing physical on both sides of the ball as neither team made significant runs early on. The Steelheads began to find spaces in the Gulls’ defense near the end of the first half and after a few attempts managed to put up the first goal of the match. With only a few minutes remaining, Snohomish County FC entered halftime up 1-0.

Grays Harbor wouldn’t stay down for long, as they took a shot from deep early in the second half and scored from over 30 yards out. The Steelheads seemed to become unorganized for the few minutes after but found their composure quickly as they went back on the attack. Over the final 20 minutes of the match the Steelheads scored three more goals, one on a penalty kick and the other two off of assists, to walk away with the 4-1 victory. 

“I knew we were going to have a physical battle and after they tied it in the second half, I wanted to see how we would respond. Last time we went through that we went down, but this time we turned it around and played like champions. You have to fight like underdogs when you lose the ball and play like champions when you have it,” said Snohomish County FC Head Coach Daghan Kesim. 

The four players to tally stats on the offensive end were Carlos Rodriguez, Rio Alcorta, Jacen Stein and Devin Shull. Rodriguez scored the first goal of the day and Alcorta put in the penalty kick to break the tie. Stein and Shull worked together late as Jacen scored the final two goals of the match with Shull assisting on both.

On the defensive end John Troka and Blake Camilleri stayed active along the back line for the Steelheads. They were all over the field as they continually stole possessions and organized the defense from beginning to end.

“We are a dangerous team to play. No matter who we are playing, we are going to put on a show and give it everything we have. Before the season started everyone thought we’d finish eighth or ninth, but from the very beginning the team has been working together and trusting the system. They have worked so hard and I give all of the credit to them,” said Coach Kesim.

After the victory, Snohomish County FC is now tied with only one team for second-place in the WWPL and could potentially jump to the top after next week.

If you want to support the Steelheads, their final match will be against XF Redmond FC on Thursday, July 18 at 7 p.m. on Walter L. Seabloom Field.


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