The Steelheads celebrate after Rio Alcorta’s match deciding goal against XF Redmond at Walter L. Seabloom Field on July 18. From left ,Carlos Rodriguez, Fabian Panduro, Devin Shull, Rio Alcorta, John Troka, Ridley Eastland-Fruit and Hector Palomera.


The Snohomish County Steelheads finished their first year in the WWPL as the 2019 League Champions after an incredible debut season where they finished undefeated, 7-3-0.

The Steelheads clinched the Championship following a close win on July 18 over XF Redmond, by a 1-0 score. The matchup ended up being a battle of the top two clubs, as Redmond finished second overall in the final standings. 

“It feels amazing because we weren’t even supposed to be in the top three, but we managed to come together and win the championship in our first season. The players earned it and really deserve everything that they accomplished this year. We need to keep moving forward and becoming better because none of us are OK with just staying where we are,” said Head Coach Daghan Kesim.

Snohomish County came into the season projected to finish in the bottom half of the league. From the very beginning they made a statement in the WWPL, as they finished the first half of the year going 3-2-0. The Steelheads knew they had a chance to make a championship run late and dominated their competition with a 4-1-0 record to close out the second half. Over their last five matches they made a statement with 19 goals scored and only two goals allowed.

The Steelheads finished with one of the best Goal Differentials in the league with 25, 31 Goals Scored and six Goals Against. Their biggest contributors on offense were Rio Alcorta, Carlos Rodriguez, Devin Shull and Fabian Panduro. Alcorta led the team with seven goals and added on one assist. Rodriguez finished first in assists with six and second in goals, five. Shull and Panduro finished in the top-five of both categories with four assists and four goals each.

On the defensive end Snohomish County was led by their keepers Dorian Lair and Luke Brezak as well as their backline. Lair and Brezak combined for five shutout performances with three and two, respectively. The backline was led by John Troka, Cade Cooke and Ridley Eastland-Fruit as they contributed to the best defense in the league.

“The whole season they had a championship mentality and that’s what they are, champions. It’s been really rewarding for the players to see the attention we are getting now, and we want to grow that base here in Snohomish County. Right now, we have the momentum and we need to keep it going into next season,” said General Manager David Falk.

Next season the WWPL will be splitting into two divisions and the Steelheads will be at the top of Division One. With the new divisions, Snohomish County can expect to play more competitive matches as they will play the other five best clubs twice, home-and-away, in the 10-match season.

If you want to learn more about the Snohomish County Steelheads you can stay up to date at their website


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