The Marysville-Pilchuck girls basketball held their final home game of the season alongside their senior night as they matched up with the Everett Seagulls on Feb. 6.

Everett got off to a hot start as they opened the game on a shutout 7-0 run before the Tomahawks were forced to call a time out. Coming out of the break, Marysville-Pilchuck was able to minimize their turnovers but were still outscored 7-3 through the rest of the quarter to enter the second down 14-3. The Seagulls continued to rely on their fundamentals as they moved the ball along the perimeter and created open lanes for high percentage shots. They continued to outscore the Tomahawks, 14-4, in the quarter and entered halftime up 28-7.

In the second half Marysville-Pilchuck began to focus on scoring in the post and used some size mismatches in order to generate free throw opportunities. However, even with the trips to the line they were unable to make a significant impact on the scoreboard as the Seagulls continued to pull away. Everett continued to play with space and took advantage of driving lines as the Seagulls walked away with the 56-20 victory.

“Our seniors have been here for four years and have stuck with the program through some tough years. Every year we get a little better, we have been able to take steps in the right direction and a lot of that is thanks to them being strong leaders. We’ll have another young team next year, but they are eager to learn and we’re hoping we can continue to help them grow,” said Marysville-Pilchuck Head Coach Taylor Stevens.

Kelsey Edge, Alissa Edge and Lauren Lewis made their mark on the game as the senior leaders for the Tomahawks. Kelsey, forward, finished with four points while going two-for-two at the line as well as putting up one assist, six rebounds and three steals. Alissa, forward, finished with two points with four rebounds and one steal. Lewis, guard, was unable to put any points in the scoring column but contributed with five rebounds and two steals.

Marysville-Pilchuck’s underclassmen stepped up as they will be leaders coming into next season. Emily Hamre, sophomore guard, led the team in points with seven, one three-pointer, two-for-two at the line and five rebounds. Savannah Benjamin, freshman guard, came off the bench in the fourth quarter to score four points and one rebound. Aubre Zackuse, sophomore center, will be a fixture in the post for the next couple of years as she led tallied seven rebounds, two blocks, two steals and scored on point at the free throw line. Briana Ruiz and Imajine Moses, sophomore guards, were unable to put up any points but combined for one assist, eight rebounds and two steals.

The Tomahawks' season is over this year but will return the majority of their varsity roster next year with only three seniors leaving the program.


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