Marysville-Pilchuck’s Parker Devereux sends the ball back over strong against Lakewood at Totem Middle School on Sept. 18.

The Marysville-Pilchuck boys tennis team hosted the Lakewood Cougars in their first matchup in school history on Sept. 18.

Marysville-Pilchuck took control of the matches early and often as they won the first six completed matches, losing a total of two games. Lakewood’s final chance to earn a victory came in their first doubles team which ended up being the longest match of the day. With a final tiebreaker the Cougars earned a win in the match but still fell to the Tomahawks on the day, 6-1.

“The guys played pretty well all around. We’ve had a lot of matches in the past couple of weeks without practice time, so it’s given me the ability to notice things that we need to work on. With a little more focus on the details I think they can be very good,” said Marysville-Pilchuck Head Coach Evan Shaw.

Marysville-Pilchuck’s singles players dominated the courts as they only lost two games throughout the entire day. Parker Devereux, number one singles, cleared his first set with a 6-0 win and then finalized his victory with a 6-1 second set. Connor Peterson, number two singles, had a similar experience as he finished his first set 6-1 and then took the win with a 6-0 second set. Treven Southard, third singles, and Aaron Kalab, fourth singles, cleared their opponents without dropping a single game as they finished with two sets of 6-0.

“The whole season has been a lot of beginners learning tennis. They are getting better every day and we aren’t going to count our progress in wins and losses, but rather with their own personal growth throughout the year,” said Lakewood Head Coach Bob Walker.

Lakewood’s first doubles team, Ben Vanderweise and Garrett Davis, has been on a hot streak all season as they notched their fourth win of the year. They had a tough match as they battled back and forth into three tiebreaker sets. In their first set, Vanderweise and Davis squeezed out a 7-6 win after securing a 8-6 tiebreaker. For their second set, Tomahawks’ duo of Trae Tingelstad and Carson Asper earned the win with a 7-6 score, with a tiebreaker 7-5. In the final tiebreaker set the Cougars were able to close it out with a 10-7 victory.

If you want to support the Tomahawks their next home match will be against the Arlington Eagles on Thursday, Sept. 27, at 3:30 p.m. Or if you want to come out for the Cougars their next home match is against the Marysville Getchell Chargers on Friday, Sept. 28, at 3:30 p.m.

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