Lakewood senior Jakobus Seth signs his letter of intent to play football at Washington State University during a ceremony Dec. 15. Next to Seth is his football coach Dan Teeter, and his parents, Cena and Jarrod. Behind Seth are his sisters Emmaline, Stella and Elinor.


Jakobus Seth, a senior at Lakewood High School, signed his letter of intent Dec. 15 to play football at Washington State University. 

He signed his letter alongside family and his football coach, Dan Teeter, during a ceremony in front of his friends and coaches that took place before classes for the day began.

“I want to thank them for me getting here,” Seth said after the ceremony of the behind-the-scenes help his family, teammates and coaches provided. 

Seth started playing pee-wee football and then returned to the sport in the seventh grade and played every year. 

“The guys looked up to him. His work ethic is just phenomenal,” football head coach Dan Teeter said. 

Over the course of four years, Seth had 120 tackles for the Cougars while playing on the defensive line. 

“He pretty much demanded a double-team and a triple-team as well,” Teeter said. 

Seth also has a 3.5-plus grade point average and also received scholarship offers from Yale and Dartmouth. 

Teeter said Seth is the first football player in Lakewood’s history to get a scholarship to play football at Washington State University. 

Dustin Stanton, who graduated from Lakewood in 2012, played football at Oregon State University, Teeter said. 

Seth plans to major in electrical or computer engineering. 


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