The Lakewood cross country team hosted more than 100 teams including Marysville-Pilchuck, Marysville Getchell and Arlington at the annual Nike Hole in the Wall Invitational on Oct. 6.

The Nike Hole in the Wall Invitational is one of the largest cross country meets in the Pacific Northwest as they had over 3,800 athletes participate this year. They include races for all skill levels from an open race to middle school and high school varsity.

Lakewood did not have any participants in the division one races but had strong performances in division two. Their boys team finished in 13th place, out of 53, with a score of 452, and the girls finished in 10th place, out of 40, with a score of 416.

Arlington dominated the division two races as their boys finished in second place, score of 188, and the girls finished in eighth place, 354. The Eagles were also one of the only local teams to score in the division one races as the boys placed at an incredible sixth with a score of 251 and the girls placed 23rd with a score of 564.

The Marysville-Pilchuck boys teams did not have enough participants in order to place in either division. The Tomahawk girls, however, placed 12th with a score of 424 in the division two race.

Marysville Getchell placed in both of the division two races as the boys finished 16th, score of 497, and the girls finished 38th with a score of 943.

“It feels good to be able to work with such great volunteers and do something so huge for the community. As for the team, I think everyone stepped up where they needed to and they are putting themselves in a good position for the next phase,” said Lakewood Head Coach Jeff Sowards.

The Cougars' top finisher in the division two boys race was sophomore Gabe Hatch, 36th place, who finished with a time of 16:56.6. The top finisher in the division two girls race was junior Madison Howe, 53rd place, who finished at 20:46.1.

“We’re training for the championship phase, the kids are running lights out and we are getting PRs across the board. Right now we are just working on staying focused and looking to have success in the postseason,” said Arlington Head Coach Mike Shierk.

The Eagle' top finishers in the division two races were senior Nathaniel Alexander and junior Brooklyn Hill. Alexander finished in 22nd place with a time of 16:48.0 and Hill finished in 67th place and a time of 20:57.7.

Arlington’s top division one finishers were sophomore Quincy Fankhauser and junior Anne Louise Fernandez. Fankhauser finished in 23rd place, 15:43.0, and Fernandez finished in the top 100 with a 92nd place, 19:41.3.

Marysville-Pilchuck was led by their division two racers senior Tanner Lauzon and junior Alexia Sandoval. Lauzon finished in the top 30 with a 28th place finish, 16:52.1, and Sandoval finished just outside of the top 100 with a 106th place finish, 21:36.6.

The Chargers' top finishers were senior Evan Krautkremer and junior Julia Rea who competed in the division two races. Krautkremer finished in 25th place with a time of 16:50.4 and Rea placed 20th with a sub 20-minute time of 19:59.6.

The Nike Hole in the Wall Invitational marks the end of the regular season for cross country. If you want to see the full results you can find them at

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