The Arlington girls soccer team hosted the Marysville-Pilchuck Tomahawks for a tough match on Oct. 11.

From the start of the match the Eagles came out with aggressiveness as they took multiple shots on goal over the first 10 minutes. The Tomahawks' defense stood tall and made some impressive saves as they began to shift the momentum back in the second 10 minutes of the half. Through the rest of the first half both teams made runs deep into opponent territory, but the Eagles managed to earn a penalty kick and convert it for the first score in the 36th minute.

The second half was more of the same as both teams competed back and forth with a tremendous amount of physicality. The second goal of the game came from a quick run up the middle of the Tomahawks’ defense, and the Eagles extended their lead 2-0 with 14 minutes left in the match. Marysville-Pilchuck refused to give up as they pressured the Arlington defense and scored their first goal in the 74th minute. Unfortunately for the Tomahawks, they couldn’t manage another late-game score and the Eagles walked away with the 2-1 victory.

“We had a lot of dangerous balls in the box and had a lot of opportunities to score from beginning to end. We’re looking to keep improving over the last couple of games because we are so young. And if we win out, we can get into the playoffs, who knows,” said Arlington Head Coach Nathan Davis.

The Eagles were led by Hannah Hiester, Jersey Heiss, Jordan Bartlow and Lexi Miller-Wood. Hiester scored the first goal of the game off of the penalty and played a key role in the middle of the field. Heiss scored the second goal of the night to put the Eagles up 2-0. Bartlow assisted on the goal scored by Heiss and spent a lot of time with the ball all night as she was pivotal in shifting the offense during their possessions. The freshman keeper, Miller-Wood, had a great night as she picked up a handful of saves and held a shutout until the last six minutes of the game.

“I liked the way the girls worked, and I think we were a little unlucky near the end. We need to work on our ability to shift, clean some stuff up and put the ball in the net, that’s about it,” said Marysville-Pilchuck Head Coach Paul Bartley.

Marysville-Pilchuck was led by their offensive duo of Trina Davis and Mackensie Connelly, as well as their defensive leader Brynn Pilkenton. Davis scored the lone goal for the Tomahawks late in the second half and Connelly played a key role in being the primary facilitator for the offense. Pilkenton made a lot of big plays all over the field as she contested every Eagles possession and made a few plays to shift momentum late.

If you want to support the Eagles their last home match will be against the Oak Harbor Wildcats on Thursday, Oct. 18, at 7:30 p.m. Or if you want to root on the Tomahawks their last home game will be on the same night as they will be taking on the Everett Seagulls.

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