The Arlington softball team welcomed the Marysville Getchell Chargers to battle it out on their home field on May 1.

The Eagles and Chargers matched up for an incredible defensive battle from beginning to end.  Arlington started out quickly as they shutout the Chargers in the top of the first inning and scored the first run of the day in the bottom of the same inning. Over the next five innings the Eagles continued their incredible play as they kept Marysville Getchell off the board and put up their second run in the bottom of the sixth.

Heading into the seventh inning the Chargers needed to score in order to stay alive, and they did just that as they strung a few hits together on their way to tie up the game 2-2. With a clutch performance in the top of the inning, Marysville Getchell closed out the seventh without allowing a run and sent the game into extra innings. Arlington came back in the eighth and refused to let the game slip away as they recorded two strikeouts in the top of the inning and finished it with a run in the bottom half. After an exciting end to the matchup, the Eagles walked away with the close 3-2 victory.

“I’m so proud of the team. We knew that we could do better than we were doing earlier this season and it’s good to see them play the way they know they can. We’re excited to get back to work and finish strong as we head into the postseason,” said Arlington Head Coach Ashleigh Beard.

Arlington had an incredible day stunting the Chargers at the plate and the player responsible was Elizabeth Durfee. As a freshman pitcher, Durfee finished the game with a huge 12 strikeout performance while racking up eight innings on the mound.

The Eagles had big plays from Madisyn Estes, Tia Langley, Brooklyn Lamie and Taylor Zodrow. Estes, junior third baseman, put up two singles, two runs, one stolen base and scored the final run in the eighth inning. Langley, junior shortstop, had big hits from the plate with two doubles, one stolen base and two RBIs, one of which came in the eighth. Lamie, junior first baseman, also finished with two hits, one single, one double and one RBI. Zodrow, junior center fielder,  had one hit on the day with a double and one run.

“We weren’t going to give up and they showed what they were made of late in the game. We knew coming in that this was going to be a tough game but it was good to see them keep working as we get closer to the end of the year,” said Marysville Getchell Head Coach Mike Moran.

Marysville Getchell never gave up throughout the game as Brionna Palm, Shannon Patton, Thea Hatch and Maile Pingree showed up in big moments. Palm, junior pitcher, contributed on the both the mound and at the plate as she recorded 11 strikeouts over eight innings as well as earning a double and a run. Patton, senior catcher, finished the game with one single and a run. Hatch, senior first baseman, tallied one single, a walk and an RBI on the day. Pingree, junior center fielder, earned her only hit in the eighth inning as she had a single and two stolen bases.

Both the Marysville Getchell and Arlington will be competing in the 3A District 1 Softball Tournament. The Tournament will be held at Phil Johnson Fields and begins on Thursday May 9.


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