The Arlington boys basketball team hosted the Issaquah Eagles in a tough physical matchup on Dec. 27.

Arlington got off to a slow start as Issaquah opened the game on a 6-0 run. After falling behind early, the Arlington Eagles began to run a full-court press, generating a lot of turnovers and scoring on the fast-break. Through the rest of the quarter Arlington outscored Issaquah 25-11 and went into the second quarter up 25-17. The rest of the first half was controlled by Arlington as they displayed incredible team chemistry, heading into halftime up 47-32.

Coming into the third quarter Arlington kept their momentum going as they stayed locked in on the defensive end and kept their efficiency scoring the ball. By the end of the quarter Arlington extended their lead to 24 points with a score of 66-42. Through most of the fourth quarter the Arlington Eagles played their second unit as Issaquah outscored them 30-20. Even with the high scoring output from the Issaquah Eagles, Arlington came away with the 86-72 victory.

“I felt like we had a breakout game in us and we had it tonight. I had been micromanaging so far this season, with all of the injuries we have been dealing with, but tonight I wanted to let them go to their spots. I’m really proud of our guys tonight and we’re starting to find our flow on both ends. We have a saying, ‘we want to win everything’ and we never let the gas off,” said Arlington Head Coach Nick Brown.

The Eagles were led by Anthony Whitis, Josh Gutierrez and Will Abram. Whitis, senior point guard, tied for the team-high in points with 20 and was on his way to a triple-double with seven rebounds and eight assists. Gutierrez, senior small forward, was the other Eagle to score 20 with three three-pointers, three dunks, one rebound, four assists and three steals. Abram, junior center, came in off the bench to score 16, tallying five dunks, two rebounds, one assist and one steal.

Arlington also had two more seniors contribute at a very high level in Griffin Gardoski and Caden Smith. Gardoski, senior forward, put up double-digit points, 11, with five rebounds, five assists and one steal. Smith, senior shooting guard, hit three shots from beyond the arc for nine points as well as adding on one rebound, two assists and two steals.

If you want to cheer on the Eagles their next home game will be against the Lynnwood Royals on Monday, Jan. 9, at 7:15 p.m.


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