Marysville Rotary Club member Daryn Bundy, center, presents Kiarra Green, left, and Tina Do with the Marysville Rotary Community Service Recognition Award.


The Marysville Rotary Club recognized two Marysville Getchell High School students for their volunteer work and community service this December.

Getchell seniors Tina Do and Kiarra Green were given the Marysville Rotary Community Service Recognition Award.

Students are recognized for their volunteer efforts for local organizations and are nominated and chosen by counselors at their school.

Members of the Marysville Rotary Club came out this December to present the award during class time for the two Marysville Getchell High School students.

“A couple of us got together and thought it would be an awesome idea to bust into their classrooms (of course with admin. approval) and surprise the students that are chosen by counselors based on what they do in the community and school,” said Daryn Bundy, a member of the Marysville Rotary Club.

Tina Do has a GPA of around 3.9 to 4.0 and is a member of the Rotary Key Club, the youth chapter of the Rotary that focuses on service to the community.

“She works with individuals to grow their leadership skills. She volunteers at her church and dedicates numerous hours of community service, both in school and in our community,” said Bundy.

The other award winner is Kiarra Green who has a 3.96 GPA currently and also volunteers at a variety of local organizations.

“Kiarra volunteers at the Marysville YMCA and helps in many ways with students and her church group,” said Bundy.

“Her goal is to become a pediatric surgeon and to join a group such as Doctors Without Borders and help low-income families,” he said.

The Marysville Rotary Club works with local businesses to recognize students who do a lot of work to help improve their community through volunteering or other means.

“As far as the program, we have been running it for a number of years. Les Schwab of Marysville has partnered with Rotary to promote community service with our youth,” said Bundy.

The Rotary provides students with a $100 check in recognition of their work.

“We make it known that we aren’t paying for their services, but we are making it known to all that it pays in many ways to serve and volunteer. It has been a total success and the students really appreciate being recognized in front of their peers,” said Bundy.

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