Marysville Getchell High School’s Bio-Med Academy. The district is currently looking for citizens to serve on a committee that will recommend high school boundaries to the school district’s board of directors that will transition Getchell away from it’s small learning community roots.


The Marysville School Districts is looking for citizens to help serve on committees that will have various tasks such as drawing the upcoming high school boundaries and shaping the district’s next bond measure.

After meeting with community members in various meetings and interviews last year, district officials hope to move forward on some goals from that initiative.

"This is part of the year-and-a-half process that we took to engage with the community that culminated in the superintendent's recommendation,” said Jodi Runyon, director of engagement and outreach at the district.

"We are looking at the next steps in how we move forward, and we want to further engage with our stakeholders when it comes to issues like boundaries,” she said.

The district is planning three citizen committees to help steer the direction of local schools.

Applications and more information are available at

Enrollment and Demographics

The enrollment and demographics committee’s first goal would be to provide input on high school boundaries.

The Marysville School District is moving away from the small learning communities of Marysville Getchell High School and instead to the more traditional high school boundaries model.

"In the past the district has had several boundary committees, and that is very typical for school districts making changes,” said Runyon.

The Marysville School District has tweaked it’s boundaries a few times in recent years, she said, but hasn't made substantial alterations in a while.

"We haven't changed our district boundaries in a major way for several years,” said Runyon.

Although the committee’s mission is to look at high school boundaries at first, afterward it will transition to focus on improving enrollment and looking at demographics of schools.

"Phase one of that committee will be focusing on the boundaries ... phase two will kick in after that, once they already have the knowledge base, and will be looking at enrollment and demographics,” said Runyon.

Equity and Diversity

As the diversity in the Marysville School District continues to grow, district officials hope to meet the needs of all students and plan to have a citizen equity and diversity committee that advises the board of directors and superintendent.

The mission of the committee would be to ensure an inclusive environment for students.

"We are an increasingly diverse community, and that has not always been reflected in how work organizationally,” said Scott Beebe, chief technology officer with the district.

"We are right on the verge of being a majority-minority school district,” he said.

The secondary school report showed many concerns about how equitable the district was, said Beebe, and this committee is meant to provide guidance to school officials.

 "One of the purposes around this committee is that we need to reach all cultures and people,” said Runyon.

Facility Task Force

The facility task force would look at the feasibility of a 2020 bond to build new schools for the district and replace aging facilities.

 "We last did a committee for a bond in 2016,” said Runyon. That $230 million measure would have replaced a number of schools in the district, however it failed to reach the 60 percent required to pass.

The district is now looking at the possibility of a bond or capital levy in 2020 to improve local schools.

“We will be working to address facility needs in the district,” said Runyon.

Deeper Learning

Runyon said that the district is planning to form a ‘deeper learning’ committee in the future as well, however that committee is not being put together now.

"Part of it is the limitation of people available to facilitate a committee like that,” said Beebe.

The group would take a “broad look” at how teaching is done at the district.

"They will look at how we're delivering instruction in the district and is that preparing kids for life outside of school,” said Beebe.

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