Local students are recognized as the Equity, Diversity and Indigenous Education Students of the Month and gather with their families and Marysville School District officials on Jan. 22. The students, in front holding awards, from left, Keiden Monger-Johnny, Evelyn Vega-Simpson, Charley Dick and Logan McDaniel.


Native American liaisons with the Marysville School District recognized four local students as the Equity, Diversity and Indigenous Education Students of the Month on Jan. 22.

Students Logan McDaniel, Keiden Monger-Johnny, Charley Dick and Evelyn Vega-Simpson were recognized for their academics and work throughout the school year.

Liberty Elementary student Logan McDaniel, a member of the Tulalip Tribes, was honored for making progress this year at his school.

“He has been amazing. He’s accomplished so many things in the short year and a half he has been at Liberty,” said Pixie Owyen, a Native American liaison with the school district.

“He has been a joy to work with,” she said.

Owyen said that McDaniel puts in a lot of effort at his school.

“He never gives up on his work. Sometimes it’s a little difficult but he never gives up,” she said.

Grove Elementary student Keiden Monger-Johnny was nominated by his teacher for the work he puts in at school.

Owyen said that Keiden is a “pleasure to work with.”

“He’s the first one to finish and he’s the first to try. He’s learned a lot and he’s done very well,” she said.

Keiden also encourages his fellow students a lot, said Owyen.

“He’s always been there to show the kids ‘let’s do this, we can do this,’” she said.

The last few years Keiden has made a lot of progress in school and outside of it.

“I actually helped coach him in baseball a few years ago and he has come a long way,” said Amy Sheldon, Indigenous Special Education Family Support Liaison at the school.

Tenth Street Middle School student Charley Dick was recognized for her academics.

“She’s got a 4.0 and has only missed like four days of school,” said Marysville School District Native American liaison Terrance Sabbas.

“She’s very active in our culture and very respectful when we meet up with our Native groups,” said Sabbas.

Sabbas said that the group wanted to recognize Charley for her effort and work in school.

“We just wanted to lift our hands up to you and tell you to keep up the good work,” said Sabbas. “You’re amazing and we wanted to honor that."

Evelyn Vega-Simpson, a Marysville-Pilchuck High School student, was also honored. Evelyn is a band member and a strong student.

“In addition to her outstanding academics, she also takes challenging courses,” said Marysville School District Native American liaison Matt Remle.

Evelyn also worked at the Tulalip summer youth employment program last summer.

“She was an administrative assistant for the problem gambling department and her supervisors all said she did an awesome job,” said Jessica Bustad, education coordinator with the Tulalip Tribes.

Last November Evelyn began a term on the Tulalip Youth Council.

“She’s always been active with the youth council and offers great ideas. She takes time to look at all sides of an issue and really takes a realistic perspective,” said Bustad.

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