The Marysville School District Foundation hopes to grow its membership this year to expand their efforts to support local students and local schools

“We are a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization that works to support the Marysville School District,” said Sandie Phipps, vice president of administration with the organization.

Phipps said that their efforts right now are mainly focused on scholarships, but they hope someday to have enough volunteers to broaden their scope.

“Our main contribution right now is the fundraising to provide scholarships for graduating seniors,” she said.

The organization provides four $500 scholarships each year, although they hope to make those scholarships larger in the future.

“We’re looking to grow membership to hopefully be able to raise more money to make those scholarships bigger,” said Phipps.

Students require a lot more support to go to college these days, she said.

“Five hundred dollars is able to cover textbooks, maybe pens and pencils, but it’s not going to be much more than that for college students,” said Phipps.

“So we would like to be able to do more,” she said.

Phipps said that the organization also hopes to eventually start initiatives in addition to the scholarships as well.

“If we grow membership, there’s more that we can do,” she said.

That could include providing supplies at the beginning of the school year or supporting local schools in other ways.

“We just don’t have the membership to do much else at this point,” said Phipps. “In order to make it work we want more community member and business involvement."

New members would help mainly through their ability to “spread the word about our fundraising activities,” said Phipps.

Currently the group works with the Paramount and 5th Avenue theaters. “They have been very generous with providing us with discounted tickets,” said Phipps.

Five dollars of each ticket sold goes directly to the scholarship funds for the foundation, she said.

The Marysville School District Foundation has also had AquaSox and Silvertips nights that have raised funds.

The group is considering other activities, such as a Santa pancake breakfast, that more members would be able to support as well, said Phipps.

“We’re looking at some different avenues to raise funds,” she said.

Members don’t have to pay dues, and Phipps said that it is a “minimal commitment” with meetings that are once a month and that are usually skipped during the summer months.

“We’re just looking for people to be involved and who want to help their community,” she said.

More information for those who are interested is available by emailing or at the MSD Foundation's website at

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