Mountain View Arts and Technology High School students Raechel Gilyeat and Justina Thompson were recognized by the Marysville Rotary Club for the work they do for their community.

The Rotary works with counselors from the school district to find students who have done volunteer work and highlights a couple of them each month.

“One of the Rotary’s mottos is community service, and we really try to stress that,” said Daryn Bundy, of the Marysville Rotary. “So today we’re here to recognize a couple of students that go above and beyond with their community service."

The Rotary hopes to promote volunteer work to other students by recognizing those who do give back, said Bundy.

“Because this is sponsored by Les Schwab Tires, we have a check for $100,” that the students also receive, he said.

“We don’t want to promote that we’re paying for community service, but we want to promote it and tell you to keep it up,” said Bundy.

Justina Thompson has been volunteering at the NOAH Animal Shelter for the past year and a half.

The no-kill Stanwood animal center is one of the major pet adoption centers in the region.

“It’s a lot of fun because I get to cuddle with dogs and I love them,” said Justina, who said she started because she was encouraged by her grandmother and because she loves dogs. “My life is centered around dogs."

She said that the center does a lot of work rescuing animals.

“There are dogs that have come from hoarding situations, or we got a bunch of dogs from a puppy mill once,” said Justina.

She volunteers to help ‘socialize’ the dogs, so that they’re more used to standard human interactions.

“We’re helping the dogs get  used to being around people so that way they’re more likely to be adopted,” she said.

Raechel Gilyeat does volunteer work through a couple of avenues.

“I help the community with my youth group and I volunteer with the SeaFair Marshals," she said.

The Marshals help out at a number of festivals in the area by helping to organize parades and help attendees.

“They do the Torchlight parade and many others like the Strawberry Festival parade,” said Raechel. “I help them getting everybody situated."

She enjoys being able to support many of the local festivals that the SeaFair Marhsals volunteer at.

“I just love helping them out and it actually makes it so there is more volunteers there to help with the parades,” she said.

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