Local school districts are deciding to waive days or not to deal with the impacts of the many snow days this year because of the February weather.

Because a state of emergency was declared by Gov. Jay Inslee some of the days could be waived from the required number of days for schools, which Marysville and Lakewood schools opted to do, but Arlington did not.

Although days could be waived, students still had to have a required amount of instructional time that districts had to consider.

Arlington School District

Arlington school officials have decided to make up all days they missed.

They missed five days because of the snow and will make-up those days on May 3 and from June 17 to 20. June 20 will be a half day.

“Every year in our student and wall calendar we build in a number of make-up days at the end of the school year,” said Gary Sabol, director of communications with the school district.

The majority of those days were used, said Sabol

May 3 was supposed to be an in-service day for teachers, but that was moved elsewhere.

“The board wanted us to use what we had already published on the calendar and to follow it as much as was possible,” said Sabol.

They also did not want to cut into teaching time too much.

“We wanted to protect student instructional time as much as we could as well,” he said.

Lakewood School District

The Lakewood School District missed five school days in February.

“Our calendar had 2 snow make-up days built in that we will use to make up 2 of the missed days,” said Shelly Patterson, executive administration assistant.

In addition, Lakewood officials will likely waive the days requirement.

“The district requested and received a waiver from OSPI for the other 3 days, as we still surpassed our hourly requirement for the school year,” said Patterson.

The calendar changes aren’t approved yet and will go before the Lakewood School Board on April 17.

Marysville School District

Marysville schools lost six days to snow and also had three late starts.

“It’s really challenging for a school district to make up that many snow days, plus the three late starts,” said Jodi Runyon, director of engagement and outreach with the school district.

The district will make up four of those days on March 15, May 24, June 20 and June 21. The last day will be a shortened day.

They were also approved for a waiver for the final two days they had to make up, said Runyon.

The district had to still meet the instructional hours though, and to do that they are making most Fridays full school days, instead of the shortened days that are normal for the  school district.

To makeup more days would require the students to go to class far into the summer.

“We did not want students still in school at the end of June or the first week of July,” said Runyon, as families and staff often have planned vacations for those times.


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