Scott Peacock, Lakewood School District’s next superintendent.


The Lakewood School Board selected Scott Peacock, Deputy Superintendent of the Snohomish School District, to be the next superintendent of the local school district. 

The school board announced the decision during a June 14 board meeting and only the contract remains to be signed.

“We have agreed on a contract already so it’s just a matter of presenting that to Scott,” said School Board president Jahna Smith.

“I think it is just a formality at this point,” she said.

Peacock has been with the Snohomish School District since 1993.

He has served the last year as the deputy superintendent where he looks over the Teaching and Learning Department and also assumed responsibilities over the district’s special education.

Before this year he served as assistant superintendent, a middle school principal, an assistant principal and as an English and history teacher.

Current Superintendent Michael Mack announced in April that he would be leaving the district and the School Board has been working to find a replacement since then.

“We started it with 18 candidates, it was tough to get to seven, even tougher to get to three,” said School Board member Larry Bean.

The final three candidates came in to spend a day at the district between June 10 to 12. There they met parents, staff and students and the school board gathered community feedback.

Smith said that she was happy that the community gave their input in the process.

“I really walked in last night thinking we have an open discussion, and after reading all the feedback and research, and talking with people in the community, I really feel like the decision was clear,” she said.

Smith said that Peacock had more qualities that they were looking for than the other candidates, although she said that any of the final three candidates would have been a good choice.

“I think unanimously we really felt that he was the full package. He had the depth and skill set we were looking for,” she said.

“He’s deputy superintendent with the Snohomish School District and has experience dealing with special education, teaching and learning,” she said.

School Board member Leaha Boser said she was impressed with Peacock’s drive to help students.

“I think he had a true passion for education and students' well-being. You could tell as we went through the day and I think the other staff could tell as well, so for me that was huge to have someone who clearly wanted the students to succeed,” she said.

School Board member Sandy Gotts said that Peacock's experience in a small community also made him a good fit for the district.

“I think the other thing that was outstanding with Scott is that he shared a lot about community. Lakewood is a small community and the district is really the star of this area,” she said.

Gotts said that the area’s growth is one of the biggest challenges Peacock will have to handle in the coming years.

“We’re a growing district, as well, so we’re going to need a lot of that forward thinking, fiscal thinking that he has,” she said.

Peacock said that he, too, was happy to come to another small community.

“The closer I looked at the Lakewood School District, the more I could see it was a community that really comes together around its schools, and that’s why I wanted to be a part of it,” he said.

He said that one of his best qualities he hopes to bring to the district is his “capacity for listening and being present with people.”

Peacock said that he is looking forward to helping lead the Lakewood School District next year.

“I’m excited to be a part of Lakewood and I’m excited that they wanted me,” he said.

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