Lakewood Val and Sal

Lakewood High School valedictorian Kimmy Epperson, left, and salutatorians Joseph Knoth, center, and Jade Lundquist on June 5.


Lakewood High School announced its valedictorian, Kimmy Epperson, and two salutatorians, Joseph Knoth and Jade Lundquist, this June.

The three students are active members of their school and say they will miss the experiences of being students there.

“I’m excited to go on to college, but also I’m going to miss being at high school and especially being in band, going to every football game, every basketball game, and just being a student there, and celebrating our community and school. I’m going to miss that,” said Kimmy Epperson.

She said that her favorite parts of school were doing extra-curricular activities like National Honor Society and sports.

Volleyball was her favorite sport to participate in.

“I just have a passion for the sport and this year our team was super close and we were a big family,” she said.

After graduating she plans to finish her associate’s degree at Everett Community College and then transfer to Northwest University for a nursing degree.

Her mother is a nurse practitioner who has done service work in Africa, which Epperson herself has helped with.

“I spent a lot of my time there watching and helping, and my passion for it grew over time,” Epperson said. “It was an amazing experience and I really want to go back."

Salutatorian Jade Lundquist also participated a lot in her community, especially with the National Honor Society where she has given her required 150 hours of volunteering for the last three years.

“It’s given me an opportunity to go out in the community and participate in things,” she said.

“I’ve volunteered at the Marysville Food Bank, tutoring here after school, and I even spent a summer in Seattle volunteering at a school where they are first learning English,” she said.

Next year Lundquist is heading to New York to attend the University of Rochester to study in an accelerated master’s degree program in education.

Lundquist said she has enjoyed her teachers at Lakewood High School and they inspired her to get into education.

“I’ve really appreciated everything they have done for me and I feel like I wanted to continue that,” she said.

Salutatorian Joseph Knoth spent some of his time in Running Start at Everett Community College and also appreciated his time at Lakewood High School.

“One thing that I don’t get at Everett is the community aspect of things. You don’t get that feeling of everyone talking together like you do at Lakewood,” he said.

He said his favorite part of his school was being in the FIRST Robotics Club.

“We have a six-week build program where we have to build a robot to compete in a prompt,” said Knoth.

“I love how that eased me into engineering and taught me various things,” he said.

Next fall Knoth will be attending the University of Washington to study engineering, potentially double majoring in either education or philosophy.

“In the future, after I’m done with my engineering career, I want to teach STEM-related education at the high school,” he said.

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