Marysville Getchell High School students Taylor Knocke and Evan Krautkremer were honored as the April Students of the Month for their work at their school.

The Marysville Soroptimist and Kiwanis clubs honor two students each month for their accomplishments.

Taylor Knocke was recognized with the Student of the Month award in part because she is a leader in her school.

She volunteers, many hours each year at her school as part of the ASB Leadership and has served as Public Relations Coordinator and Social Media Coordinator.

As part of the leadership she has been the committee chair for Homecoming Elections, Homecoming Halftime and the Winter Wishes event.

Taylor also leads charity drives as committee chair, including a local school food drive, the Food for Thought food drive and a coin drive.

She has also volunteered for food collection for the Marysville Community Food Bank.

Other volunteer activities include being an AVID tutor at Cedarcrest Middle School, helping at the fifth-grade camp at Kellogg Marsh Elementary and supporting the Healthy Kids Day at Shoultes Elementary. 

Taylor is also politically active as the chair of MG Against Gun Violence and was is a member and speaker for Students Demand Action, a youth group that organizes against gun violence.

Athletically, Taylor is also very involved in girls soccer and is the team captain of the Snohomish United Soccer team.

She has been a part of Getchell’s soccer camp has also volunteered at the Marysville YMCA as a rookie soccer coach.

Next year Taylor wants to go to the University of Washington and pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, specializing in either pediatric or neonatal nursing.

Evan Krautkremer was recognized as student of the Month for his academics and volunteer work.

At Marysville Getchell High School he has been involved in both the cross country team and the track and field team.

As part of the cross country team he has received the Coach’s Award in 2017, was voted most inspirational in 2018 and briefly held the record run for a Marysville Getchell mile.

He has been captain of the cross country team since 2016 as well.

At school he has taken many advanced courses including AP Statistics, AP Literature, AP Calculus, AP Physics and AP Environmental Science.

Evan has been a part of the National Honor Society at Getchell High School since 2017.

His volunteer work includes being a fifth-grade camp counselor at Kellogg Marsh Elementary from 2018 to the present and volunteering at the NOAH animal shelter, one of the largest no-kill shelters that is locally-based.

He has worked at Hollister Co. Outlet and Skechers Outlet since 2017.

After graduating from Getchell he hopes to become a Navy nuclear engineering lab technician and then go on to college to study chemistry.

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