Marysville Getchell High School seniors Madeline Grandbois and Nicholas Faber were recognized for their volunteer efforts as Marysville’s October Students of the Month.

The award is given out each month by the Marysville Kiwanis and Soroptimist clubs to students who work hard at school and in their community.

Nicholas Faber gives a lot of his time to help his community and was recognized for his efforts.

At the Marysville Community Food Bank he has helped people pick up their groceries, carried out food to cars, stocked shelves and helped keep the building clean.

He built a fence at Eagle Ridge Community Garden and helps to socialize and play with the dogs at the Everett Animal Shelter.

In the past he has volunteered for the city of Lynnwood’s city fair as well.

Nicholas helps his community a lot with athletic activities.

At the Marysville YMCA he served as a youth soccer coach.

He helped set up and was a scorekeeper/referee for a bocce ball tournament at the local Special Olympics and at Marysville Getchell High School he has helped with campus clean ups and is part of the National Honor Society.

Nicholas also supported the Twilight Cross Country Meet at the school.

Marysville youth sports also receives a lot of help from Nicholas, who has worked concessions for youth football, supported tryouts for youth basketball and has been a scorekeeper.

Since 2018 Nicholas has been a running start student at Everett Community College where he has a 4.0 GPA and a Marysville Getchell High School student where he has a 3.924 GPA.

Madeline Grandbois was recognized for her athletic achievements and the many hours she puts into volunteer service as well.

Last year she participated in her school’s swim team and she has also been a part of track and field teams for the last five years.

Madeline has been first team in the 4x100 and 4x200 competitions and was recognized all-league in the Shotput competition.

Since sixth grade she has been playing basketball with her schools' teams and was first team all-league in her junior year.

Soccer has also been a constant for Madeline and she has played since sixth grade as well.

Some of her volunteer work goes into school athletic events, including being a track meet worker for the last three years, being the manager of the track team in her sophomore year and donating her time to support the Marysville Getchell Basketball Camp.

She has been a part of the National Honor Society at her school for the last three years.

Outside of Getchell she has helped at the Everett Animal Shelter since 2018 and has been a helper at Health and Wellness Night at Shoultes Elementary.

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