Arlington Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Chrys Sweeting, right, talks with community members during the 2017-18 State of the District Address. The 2018-19 State of the District Address will be held Thursday, Jan. 24, at Post Middle School.


Arlington School District Superintendent Chrys Sweeting will deliver her State of the District address on Jan. 24.

The event will be held at Post Middle School at 1220 E. 5th St., Arlington.

A tour of Post Middle School will begin at 6 p.m. and the State of the District begins at 6:30 p.m.

“I will talk about the progress we have made in student achievement and learning,” said Sweeting, along with other topics such as resource stewardship and community engagement.

“The whole evening is talking about how we help our students learn,” said Sweeting.

The State of the District is scheduled to conclude with a student panel discussion with three students from each of the district’s two middle schools.

“We incorporate student voices because that is what our programs are all about,” said Sweeting. “We want to have their voice there and I will ask them what is working, what is not working and if they have any suggestions for the district."

Students from across the district will also be present for various portions of the event.

“We will have students from all levels there,” said Sweeting.

Arlington High School AFJROTC students will present the flags, high school culinary arts students will prepare some desserts for attendees and Kent Prairie Elementary’s “Choir on Fire” will be presenting songs throughout the event.

Some students will also assist in the tour of Post Middle School.

“We really want people to see the needs throughout the school,” said Sweeting.

The Arlington School District is putting a bond on the February ballot that would build a new Post Middle School.

“Also, for those who haven’t been in our schools before this is a chance to see what they are like,” said Sweeting.

Sweeting said that the community plays an important part of improving local schools, which is why they try to communication open by providing a State of the District every year.

This is the 11th year that the district has delivered a State of the District.

“We don’t do this alone, we want to be transparent and accountable,” she said.

“We want to know what they believe the community’s needs are and if they have any feedback for us to make improvements,” she said.

Providing communication is important for keeping a strong relationship, she said.

“I really believe that kind of partnership is critical to building community trust and keeping Arlington a great place to learn,” she said.

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