The Arlington School Board recently approved a $3 million purchase and sale agreement with Miles Sand and Gravel for 180 acres of land located at 9102 SR 530.

The land, which the school district acquired in 1996 for $3 million, was originally slated to be site of a new high school. The Growth Management Act made it difficult to construct a high school outside the city's Urban Growth Area, according to information from the Arlington School District. 

The school district is selling the land because the property doesn't further the mission of providing educational services, said Brian Lewis, executive director of operations for the Arlington School District.

Money raised from the sale will go to purchasing property inside Arlington’s Urban Growth Area where a future school, most likely an elementary school, would be constructed, Lewis said.

The process to sell the property began in February 2017 with a Request for Letters of Interest and the school district received six responses.

The school district had the property appraised in February 2019 and valued the property at $2.86 million for permitted mining or $1.08 million for its residential zoning.

“The real value of the property lies in the aggregate,” Lewis said of the rock, sand and gravel located on the property. The school district negotiated a sale price of $3 million, which is slightly higher than the appraised amount.

He said the school district won’t see the proceeds from the sale for two to six years. The agreement is conditional on Miles Sand and Gravel to obtain permits.

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