Arlington Public Schools Executive Director of Financial Services, Gina Zeutenhorst, talks with the school board about the district’s finances. The district recently received a clean opinion on its audit from the state auditor’s office.


Arlington Public Schools was recently audited for fiscal year 2017-18 by the Washington State Auditor’s Office and the results were published on May 20. School districts are audited every year by the auditor’s office. The auditor’s opinion indicates Arlington’s financial statements were fairly presented with no significant deficiencies, no material weaknesses, and no instances of noncompliance that were material to the financial statements. 

“In other words, the auditors gave the district a clean opinion with no issues or findings to report,” said Gina Zeutenhorst, executive director of financial services. “District staff worked very closely with the audit team to ensure their audit requests were handled in a timely manner and that district responses were clear and well organized.”

The auditor’s mission is to examine how state and local governments use public funds and develops strategies to make government more efficient and effective. Arlington’s audit report can be found at

“Positive audit results are an indicator of the strong financial stewardship of not only the school board, but all departments and schools doing their part to maintain best business practices over federal grants and other financial operations of the district,” said superintendent, Dr. Chrys Sweeting. “The district is better able to maintain its focus on student learning knowing that the audit is positive and things are in financial order.”

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