Arlington students were recognized April 18 by the Rotary Club of Arlington for making a difference in their schools. From left, Paul Ellis, Rotary Club of Arlington President; Mariska Lebahn, Haller Middle School; Elliot Hillis, Weston High School; Mason Shepherd, Arlington High School; and Dr. Chrys Sweeting, Arlington Public Schools Superintendent. (Not pictured: Juan Romero)


Four middle and high school students who have made a difference in their schools were recognized April 18 by the Rotary Club of Arlington. The Rotarians wanted to recognize students who stand out in different ways in their schools. The Rotary Club also donated $50 to a charity of the student’s choice.

Weston High School student Elliot Hillis is a positive, contributing member at Weston. “Elliot is known for being polite, thoughtful, hard-working, motivated, kind and is well-liked by staff and students alike,” said Weston Principal Will Nelson. “Elliot’s hard work in school has paid off because he will be graduating in June a full year early.” Elliot’s $50 contribution will be made to the North Cascade Institute.

Mason Shepherd from Arlington High School (AHS) exemplifies the traits of respect, kindness, honesty, selflessness, humility, patience and commitment. “In a recent presentation, he determined that his top three values are family, integrity and helping others,” said AHS teacher Kimberly Meno. “This is shown in his commitment to his family, to the volunteer work he does at his work and community, and to his enthusiasm for learning in the classroom.” Mason’s $50 contribution will be made to the Arlington Community Food Bank.

Haller Middle School student Mariska Lebahn demands excellence of herself in all areas of her life. “Mariska not only demands a high standard for herself, but she motivates and encourages students around her,” said Haller teacher Rachel Harrington. “She is kind and helpful and builds others up.” Mariska’s $50 contribution will be made to the Arlington Community Food Bank.

Juan Romero from Post Middle School is kind to others, aware of the people around him, and always can be counted on to do the right thing. “His hard work and patience translates into high achievement,” said Post teacher Robin Foster. “His easy-going humor, his ability to work with anyone, and his maturity are all products of his positive attitude.” Juan’s $50 contribution will be made to the Arlington Community Food Bank.

“I am incredibly proud of these students for the positive impacts they are making in their schools and among their peers,” said Arlington Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Chrys Sweeting. “I also appreciate the Rotary Club of Arlington’s support for helping us recognize these students and contributing to their charities.”


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