Arlington students were recognized Nov. 29 by the Rotary Club of Arlington for making a difference in their schools. From left, Chrys Sweeting, Arlington Public Schools Superintendent; Kaden Martinsen, Post Middle School; Trinity Bowles, Haller Middle School; Aaron Holocke, Weston High School; and Paul Ellis, Rotary Club of Arlington President. 


Three outstanding middle and high school students were recognized Nov. 29 by the Rotary Club of Arlington for making a difference in their respective schools. The Rotarians wanted to recognize students who stand out in different ways in their schools. The Rotary Club also donated $50 to a charity of the student’s choice.

Post Middle School student Kaden Martinsen sets high personal standards and works diligently until he has achieved them. “He always knows when to be a serious worker, when to have a little fun, and is a friend to all,” said Post English Language Arts Teacher, Heidi Graham. “He is the kind of kid I want to teach all day!” Kaden’s $50 contribution will be made to Rascal Rodeo.

Trinity Bowles from Haller Middle School goes out of her way to make sure each individual - peers and adults – feels welcomed and an important part of Haller. “She embodies servant leadership and is a ray of sunshine to all those with whom she works,” said Haller English Language Arts Teacher, Greer Verrier-Davis. Trinity’s $50 contribution will be made to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Aaron Holocke from Weston High School listens to others’ problems and tries to help them. “People enjoy Aaron’s presence because he makes people feel valued,” said Weston Principal, Will Nelson. “This admirable trait permeates our school when Aaron is around.” Aaron’s $50 contribution will be made to Youth Dynamics

“I would like to thank the Rotary Club of Arlington for helping us recognize these students and contributing to their charities,” said Arlington Public Schools Superintendent Chrys Sweeting. “These students are great representatives of what our district stands for and I’m extremely proud of them.”

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