Allen Creek Elementary pre-school teacher Sarah Stoops, and parent Laura Greig look at old yearbooks from the school at the 25th anniversary celebration of the school on April 18.


Allen Creek Elementary celebrated it’s 25th anniversary on April 18 with former and current students, parents and teachers coming out for an open house.

Community members came down to the event to look at old yearbooks, see slideshows of past events and talk with each other.

“We have a lot of former students and teachers that have come out,” said Janelle McFalls, principal of the school.

“We knew that 25 years is a big milestone to celebrate and we want to show off our school,” she said.

McFalls has been at the elementary school for eight years now and said that the area has lots of homes that people return to.

“I think people stick around the area a lot, so we have a lot of people who have kids or grandkids that have been through here,” she said. “It’s nice because we have people that come back to help."

Caitlin North is a teacher at the school right now but was also a student.

“Allen Creek was always my home,” she said.

“When I was a student I always wanted to teach here just because it was such a great place and a great community,” she said.

North said that she was happy to be able to return to the same community she grew up in.

“They did so much for me and now I get to give back,” she said.

Allen Creek Elementary feels different now for her, she said, but “a lot of stuff is still the same,” as well.

“I always joke around with my kids that they could find one of my textbooks,” she said.

McFalls said she enjoys working at the school because of the kids, the families and the staff.

“To see the kids smile and the parents come and support their kids during all the events is really inspiring,” she said. “My staff works really hard and I appreciate that greatly."

Jim Brennick was a board member with the district when the school was built and said that the school has done a good job through the years.

“I think it’s done an outstanding job. It’s had a great staff,” he said.

“We’ve had a lot of great people that have come through here and some who have left and moved up the ladder and some who have retired,” he said.

The school was built on a good location for a lot of families, he said.

“When we were buying the property the sellers wanted $38,000 an acre, and some of the board members didn’t want to pay that, they wanted to pay $35,000,” he said.

Brennick said he worked for the PUD as a design engineer and brought up the public records to show how many homes were within a mile and how many homes were planned for the area as well.

“And I showed them that at executive session and so we decided to buy it then,” he said.

The school also celebrated turning 25 at an assembly fro students.

“We got to announce to the kids as sort of an anniversary present that we’ll be getting a new playground for the school as well,” said McFalls.

The district has received a grant for a new playground and construction is scheduled for this summer.

“We were able to tie it in so nicely with the celebration,” said McFalls, who said it was good to bring in something new for the school.

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