Heart and Soul — that is what the Board of Directors and volunteers of Maryfest Inc. are putting into restarting the organization and improving the Marysville Strawberry Festival. After over a year of turmoil and indecision, we are back stronger and more determined than ever. We are putting our efforts into gaining back the trust of the business community and that of the citizens of this great community. Maryfest Inc. was formed for the sole purpose of sponsoring and presenting the Marysville Strawberry Festival and that is what we will do from this point on. We are an open organization and welcome and encourage anyone who might be interested in helping with one of our events to join in, become a member and help us build a “class act Festival” once again.

With only about two months until the Festival begins, there is a lot of work to be done, including some out of town parades to attend. In this column I will be providing information on the events and what the community and business owners can do to help out. In the coming weeks you will become familiar with the planned events for this year’s Festival and get to know some of the people responsible for programming this wonderful family oriented event. We want your input, your ideas and yes your critique of what we are doing, this is the only way we can improve the Festival and truly make it “your Marysville Strawberry Festival.”

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Maryfest Inc. office at 360-659-7664 and I will do my best to either contact you in person, answer the question in The Berry Patch or put you in touch with a person who can help you. We want and encourage communication with both the community and the business community, that is the way we can make the Marysville Strawberry Festival the best “Community Festival” once again.

In the next Berry Patch we will provide you with some event and Float Travel information. The countdown has begun — welcome to BerryLand — the 2018 Marysville Strawberry Festival.

The Berry Patch is provided by Maryfest Inc.

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