Hello Marysville and welcome to “The Berry Patch.” This week I would like to thank some people who have truly been great supporters of Maryfest Inc., the Strawberry Festival and the Marysville community.

For 10 years, Maryfest has called the “little red house” on 12th and State home. We have now found a larger location, at 1408 1st Street, where we can have our office and also store our truck and trailer, and work on the float inside and not worry about the weather. Dr. Burlingame was our landlord for 10 years and he was a generous, faithful and valued supporter. We wish him well and we will be forever grateful for all he has done for us.

Another true and valued supporter for over 40 years has been the Marysville School District. In addition to allowing Maryfest to use facilities for events, John Bingham secured use of a fenced-in location at the Service Center where we could store our truck, trailer, float and bleachers. We value our working relationship with the Marysville School District and look forward to many more years of working together.

The Strawberry Festival, or any other big event in Marysville, could not happen without the support and help of the city of Marysville. Mayor Jon Nehring and his staff work tirelessly to provide us with all the assistance we need in order to put on the Festival for the community and visitors alike. The working relationship Maryfest has had with the city of Marysville over the past 44 years has been a valued and irreplaceable one. Mayor Nehring, and the previous mayors, have been major supporters of the Strawberry Festival and for that we thank them and will be forever grateful.

What can be said about the support we continue to receive from the Tulalip Tribes. The Tulalip Tribes have stepped up to provide valued sponsorship funds as well as other support over the past years. This support has enabled the Marysville Strawberry Float to represent your community throughout Washington, Oregon and Canada. Our friends to the West are valued partners and we will strive to continue this relationship for many years to come. Thank You Tulalip Tribes for your continued support.

Throughout the months ahead we will highlight more of our supporters, both business and individual’s. We value this continued support and feel it important to recognize them so that you, the Marysville community, are aware of those that make your Strawberry Festival happen each June, as it has for almost 88 years.

Don’t forget we are looking for your “2019” Festival Theme ideas. Please submit to the PR committee by September 15th.

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