As a home owner in Marysville and a chaplain with Marysville Crisis Support Services, I have a unique view of the recent Proposition 1 initiative to establish a Regional Fire Authority (RFA) in Marysville.

It's from this perspective that I want give a hearty "Thank you" to the voters in Marysville for approving Prop. 1. But here's the thing: It was a close vote. Going forward, I ask those of you who voted "no" to reconsider your support for EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement services based on: 15,000 calls per year. 40 calls/day. Consider this sample from one, 24-hour period: April 28/29 of this year: A man in alcohol withdrawal who stopped breathing, a semi-truck fire on I-5 closing down all south-bound lanes, an electrical fire at a home, a fire at Totem Middle School, a fire at a pre-school, and a fire at a dental office. These are just the major calls. This is every day. Every night. No weekends off. No holidays. We are not a small town anymore. 

Are all taxes created equal? I propose the answer is "no". Rather that opposing a local tax which 100 percent directly benefits you, oppose those taxes that don't make sense. Opposing "all taxes" equates to cutting off the limb we're sitting on, or as my mom used to say, "cutting off your nose to spite your face."

Let's move forward together, taking care of each other and the generations to come. 


Chaplain Dan Hazen

Marysville Crisis Support Services


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