Zackuse and Marysville School District Interim Superintendent Jason Thompson.

The start of a new school year means new beginnings — new beginnings, not just for our local students, but for the entire Marysville-Tulalip community. As businesses, organizations and individuals, we are all responsible for our community’s success and our children’s ability to thrive.

Educators often say it takes a village to raise a child. In our community you see this happening every day as the City of Marysville, the Tulalip Tribes, and the Marysville School District work in coordination to provide resources, expertise and support for our local families.

It takes a village to ensure our kids’ safety and security, and that is why our schools work closely with the Marysville and Tulalip Police and Fire Departments. School Resource Officers (SROs) are a vital part of school communities, as they provide safety and create positive relationships with students, staff and school administrators. These strong and important relationships with our first responders keep us working and moving forward, together — building a concerted effort to address safety concerns and identify opportunities to strengthen existing programs and policies.

It takes a village to ensure that our children value kindness, culture and diversity. This is why the Marysville School District continues to grow its equity and diversity department, develop, promote, and instill culturally responsive teaching, educate all our children about our region’s shared history with the Since Time Immemorial Curriculum, and promote the recognition of the Tulalip Tribes as the past, present and future caretakers of the land on which we stand, and on which all our children learn and grow.

It takes a village to keep our children healthy. We value the strength of our city and its parks, playgrounds, and green space. City events, services and support help keep our children moving, discovering, and engaged in the world around them.

It takes a village to ensure every child has the resources necessary to succeed inside and outside of the classroom. This means working with the Marysville Community Food Bank, Salvation Army, local service groups like Soroptimist, Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions, PTAs and Booster Clubs, Boys and Girls Clubs, and the YMCA. These organizations help bolster our shared goal of keeping bellies full, providing a roof over every child’s head and enough school supplies for a successful school year, and building the programs and opportunities that help every child succeed no matter the cards they have been dealt.

Let us be reminded, that our success is connected and our local children only stand strong when we stand together for each one of them. We call upon every community member to get involved, to look out for the best interest of every student, and to recognize the challenges while being part of the solutions. Here’s to the beginning of another school year and another opportunity to empower future generations.

This monthly column is joint effort between by the City of Marysville, Marysville School District and The Tulalip Tribes. It recognizes the important role these organizations play in the success of the Marysville and Tulalip community. By working together, we can ensure the success of future generations.

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