We are Judges in the Snohomish County District Court, and we endorse Jennifer Rancourt to replace the current Judge in the Cascade Division.

Judges rely on evidence. The best evidence available in this election comes from two independent surveys of local attorneys conducted by the Snohomish County Bar Association.

These results stand out:

(1) Attorneys voted for Jennifer Rancourt by an astounding 87% over the current Judge; and

(2) Attorneys rated judges’ performance (decision-making, demeanor, efficiency and impartiality), and the current Judge was rated last in the county - ranking 29th out of 29.

In addition, Jennifer Rancourt is endorsed by 25 judges currently serving in Snohomish County; the incumbent judge is endorsed by two. That those who work in our local courts every day have such an overwhelming preference in this race speaks volumes.

Jennifer Rancourt has devoted her legal career to representing our community’s most vulnerable members, earning her a well-deserved reputation for hard work, integrity and leadership.

Ms. Rancourt has also proven to be an exceptional judge pro tempore (substitute judge), and she has skillfully presided over profoundly difficult cases as the chair of Washington’s Clemency and Pardons Board. Quite simply, our community should not pass up the opportunity to elect a judge of her caliber.

We proudly serve this community and hope Jennifer Rancourt will be working with us as we tackle the many challenges facing our county.


 Presiding Judge Anthony Howard

Judge Tam Bui

Judge Beth Fraser

Judge Jeffrey Goodwin

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