Hello Marysville and welcome to “The Berry Patch.”

This week I would like to acknowledge a past Maryfest Inc., member and hard working volunteer and a well respected and admired Marysville Police Officer, both of whom have passed away over the last couple of weeks.

Ken Alskog, along with his wife Debbie, and his brother Chuck, were devoted Festival volunteers. Ken served on the Board of Directors and, along with Debbie and Chuck, they became the “guardians of the Strawberry Festival Float.” They helped design, build and transport the float to the out of town parades we attended. At that time, Maryfest Inc., did not have the nice truck and trailer we have now, But, Ken had his own Excavating Business and he just put the float on his flatbed trailer, covered it with a tarp and transported it that way. We did not have a building to work on the float, so we improvised to some degree. At the south of town, where the Waterfront Park is now, on the east side was the Reinell Boat Works building. We were lucky enough to be able to use that building to work on the float, however, it was open on both ends so it was really cold in the Winter. E&E Lumber was gracious enough to allow us to use one of their buildings as well. Our Float traveled to as many Festivals as possible and was a winner much of the time. Ken, Debbie and Chuck, worked hard to help put us on the map so to speak, and for that we are thankful. We send our deepest condolences to his family and thank them for all they did to help build your Strawberry Festival.

Sgt. Eldon Dennis served in the Marysville Police Department for many years. When Sgt. Dennis was on the force, it was a small department, with their offices at Comeford Park in what is now the Baxter Center. At that time the dispatcher was in a small office on the south end of the building. Sgt. Dennis worked many years of Strawberry Festivals and his dry sense of humor always shown through during Festival week. We send our condolences to his family and thank him for his service to our community and to the Marysville Strawberry Festival.

I want to mention another one of our biggest business supporters. This week our salute is to Roy Robinson Chevrolet. For those who think the dealership has always been located where it is now, I have some information for you. Roy Robinson was located at 1098 State St. for many years before moving to its present location. Many years ago, during the Festival, one of the events was the Strawberry Ball and it was held in Roy’s showroom. All the cars would be moved out, the windows covered with paper and the party was on. Roy, Gordy, Mark and their staff were terrific to this organization, and to every organization is our community. We got all our cars for the Grand Parade from Roy, vehicles to transport our Royalty and Chaperones to out of town parades and support vehicles for any event during Festival week. To say that Roy and Gordy are missed is an understatement. They were two community minded businesspeople and they showed that over and over with their kindness and generosity. We truly miss them, but the staff at Roy Robinson continue to support us and Gordy Jr. is his dad all over again and we are most grateful for that, as I am sure his dad and Roy are.

You too can support the Marysville Strawberry Festival in two ways. One would be to volunteer and be part of the process and the other is to become a member. Being a volunteer in this organization is a great experience and the great feeling of accomplishment and pride you feel once the events are all done for the year is well worth it. For information you can go to maryfest.org or call our office at 360-659-7664.

Cheryl Deckard

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