The mayoral election that's just around the corner will be important for the future of Arlington. The area is in rapid growth and leadership is key to a successful future.

I believe Barb Tolbert should be re-elected by Arlington. Tolbert has led Arlington very well and ushered the city into a prosperous time. With new businesses moving in, and previous ones thriving, there's no doubt Tolbert understands the local economy.

She carries some big name endorsements and has years of experience. 

The City Council, in general, has done well to curb crime, prevent increasing water/sewage costs, maintain responsible budgeting, improve parks and business areas, increase job opportunities, and overall making Arlington a fun place to be. With Tolbert leading the Council there's no question that she plays a major role in these accomplishments

Local news station Q13 Fox recently had a feature explaining how Arlington is approaching homelessness differently than other cities, and it's working. Arlington, led by Tolbert, is an example to other cities that are struggling with local problems.

Recent skepticism aimed at Tolbert and the Council is unwarranted. The city has done a great job at maintaining the downtown area and keeping it small business and family oriented. The best way to see/understand the decision making of Tolbert and the Council is by going to a City Council meeting. Come join me and other residents at the meetings.

Avery Hufford


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[smile] I appreciate this. I am worried about the upcoming election. I see allot of disinformation being spread on social media (in one Facebook group in-particular). I see claims that she doesn’t live in Arlington (she does), that she makes an obscene amount of money (she doesn’t), and that everything and anything bad that ever happened in Arlington is her fault. As ridiculous as it sounds, there are allot of people that believe this garbage and are spreading it around. I hope so much that when it’s time vote, people take the time to fact check and do their research. The rules, regulations, and laws that local governments must adhere to are complex; far more than most of us realize. What seems simple or like “common sense” on the surface is often incredibly complicated. I will happily be supporting Barb this coming election. I believe anyone that takes the time to do their homework will too. Thank you for your great letter.

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