Marysville has many beautiful neighborhoods, yet throughout the city litter and graffiti are scourges that mar our views and harm our city image. Litter and graffiti are nothing new for our city or others, of course, and for many years we have heard complaints about them. I want to take this opportunity to share with you some city resources that can help address litter and graffiti, and frankly, I also want to ask for your help. 


Public Works crews regularly clean city streets and use seasonal litter pick-up crews. In recent years we also relied on state Department of Corrections crews for litter control support, but that is not an available option now due to COVID. The bottom line is that, unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to clean every location all the time.

How can you help? Of course, the simplest way is not to litter in the first place, and to teach children how to properly dispose of trash. 

Next, I’m announcing a new online challenge to make litter pick-up a little more fun. I invite neighbors and community groups who help clean up litter in public places to send “before” and “after” photos along with the date and location you picked up trash. We’d love to share them online and celebrate your good work! Please email your submissions to


Recently the city received several reports of graffiti on public and private property, at schools, alongside streets and in our parks. We know that graffiti and other such vandalism can be harmful to our community and that the more quickly graffiti is removed, the less likely it is to reoccur. Our Code Enforcement division tracks and responds promptly to graffiti reports within the city limits. When you see graffiti, please report it at

Property owners are required to remove graffiti that occurs on their property within 48 hours of receiving a notice of violation. We understand that property owners may be victims of this vandalism and will work with you to resolve the problem. If your fence has graffiti, the city offers a free program for graffiti removal. To qualify, your fence must be painted one of three city-selected earth-tone colors and the property owner must sign a release form. If you meet these conditions, city staff will remove all future graffiti painted on your fence.

Keeping Marysville clean is one way that city government, residents, neighborhoods and civic groups can work together to foster community pride. Will you join us? 

Jon Nehring has been Mayor of Marysville since 2010. You can reach him at 360-363-8000 or

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