After more than a year spent fighting a deadly pandemic, we have a lot of reason to celebrate this summer. For many of us, July 4th festivities will mark a much-needed return to normalcy. While we at the Marysville Fire District join you in toasting to brighter days ahead, we ask you not to celebrate with consumer fireworks.

People have celebrated Independence Day with fireworks for more than 200 years; but in that time, much has changed. In just the last 30 years, Marysville’s population has more than doubled. We are a bustling community with tens of thousands more people and thousands more homes. That growth brings a much higher risk of unintentional property damage and injuries from fireworks.

 Fires caused by fireworks have destroyed homes and other property throughout the Puget Sound, including in Marysville. In 2020, our community had the tragic distinction of having a death from fireworks-related injuries.

 The decision to celebrate without fireworks is not about losing freedom; it’s about keeping our community safer. Our firefighters work to keep our residents safer 24 hours each day, 365 days every year. On July 4th, we hope you will join us by leaving the fireworks to the professionals.

Marysville’s annual fireworks show will start at dusk (approximately 10 p.m.) on July 4 near the Ebey Waterfront.

 For more information on fireworks, what’s legal and details on Marysville’s fireworks ban, visit our website All consumer fireworks are banned in Marysville, with violators facing a minimum $513 fine.

Thomas Maloney

Deputy Chief, Fire Marshal

Marysville Fire District

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