Dear Outlook editor,

After reading your article by Christopher Andersson “DABA kicks off summer” (July 3, 21019), I wanted to express a different, although likely minority opinion, about this event and the overall trend in Arlington. I attended the Aaron Crawford concert and really enjoyed his music and was happy to see a decent crowd. 

In his article Christopher characterized the event as a “family friendly” event, with the word family appearing repeatedly.  From my perspective, and as one who has a concern over the spiritual and moral health of the community, I see things a little differently. 

There were quite a few families present and several young children were on the dance floor having fun. However, after the break and as the evening progressed, more and more adults made their way onto the dance floor, and obviously emboldened by the alcohol being served at the beer garden (that was packed all evening) the dancing got a little embarrassing (though it was kind of entertaining). 

I realize that for some families and homes the mingling of intoxicated or buzzed adults interacting with children is normative, but I question if that is something that we should, as a community, endorse, and or provide opportunity for. 

Over the past several months, the downtown business district has seen a significant increase in the amount of businesses that sell and serve alcohol, and there is more on the way. Now, the Chamber of Commerce, DABA, the Arlington Runners Club, etc.,  are all getting in on the action. 

Given the incredibly difficult issues that we face as a society with addiction and homelessness, and the fact that those conditions are often initiated and exacerbated by alcohol and drug use, I wonder if we are fully considering the eventual outcome of our short-term wager for profitability. 

Is it possible for the adults in our community to demonstrate to the next generation that it is possible (and maybe even a better course) to come together for a good time without the social lubricant of alcohol?

I am certainly not against commerce, nor am I against the rights of adults to indulge in responsible consumption, I want what is best for our community as a whole, and especially our future generations. 


Pastor Jim Jacobson

Calvary Arlington


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