If you drive in and around Marysville, you’ve likely seen road construction over the past several weeks. Summer and early fall, when our Pacific Northwest weather tends to be the driest, is prime season for this type of work. This is a good opportunity for me to outline the city’s road improvement projects to be completed this year. 

The biggest project underway is the widening of State Avenue north of 100th Street NE. Crews are currently working on the most difficult and expensive section, building a new bridge where the roadway crosses Quilceda Creek. In 2018 the city was awarded a $6.2 million state grant to help fund this project. When this section is complete early next year, it will have increased traffic capacity, improved safety and enhanced environmental protection. 

To the south on State Avenue, crews are replacing the antiquated traffic signals at the intersection of 80th Street NE and adding ADA ramps and pedestrian push buttons there. Several other intersections along State — at 3rd, 4th, 6th, 8th and 76th streets — are getting signal upgrades with improved timing. These safety improvements were fully funded by the federal Highway Safety Improvement Program. 

The state of Washington fully funded several other road improvement projects in Marysville this year. Among them:

  • Surface treatment to improve traction on a curve near 140th Street NE and Smokey Point Boulevard, a location known for high speeds and traffic collisions, 
  • Signal improvements at two locations on 64th Street NE (SR 528) – at the intersections of 60th Drive NE and 67th Avenue NE, 
  • Speed radar signs on 64th Street NE (SR 528) west of 65th Drive NE, and
  • New pedestrian crossing at 100th Street NE and 59th Drive NE with flashing beacons and ADA ramp improvements. 

Thanks to the Marysville voter-approved sales tax for the city’s Transportation Benefit District, we are able to maintain the most-used city roadways through our Pavement Preservation Program. This work includes asphalt overlay and pavement repair, sidewalk ramp replacement to meet ADA standards, utility adjustments, lane channelization and more. The 2021 roadway projects are State Avenue between Grove Street and 80th Street NE; 47th Avenue between 76th and 84th; and 8th Street between State and Ash. 

The Transportation Benefit District has been a real benefit to our city by preserving roads before they fail and become significantly more costly to repair. Thank you to Marysville voters who saw the value of this work in 2014 and approved the 10-year program along with a 0.2% sales tax increase to fund it. 

Finally, on Cedar Avenue we are adding planter features alongside the roadway from 1st to 4th Street. Similar to those you see on 3rd and 1st Streets, these bioretention cells and permeable pavers will help improve water quality in the Ebey Slough by treating stormwater runoff from the roadway. A state Department of Ecology grant provides about 2/3 of the funding. 

I am proud of our city’s track record in pursuing and gaining grant funds to help pay for these projects. Thank you to City Engineer Jeff Laycock and the Public Works team for managing and executing these important city roadway improvements.  

Jon Nehring has been Mayor of Marysville since 2010. You can reach him at 360-363-8000 or jnehring@marysvillewa.gov.

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