Construction crews work along 84th Street on March 12 to help construct the Bayview Trail extension.


Marysville’s first connection to the Centennial Trail is under works as construction crews are extending Bayview Trail eastward.

The popular 30.5-mile Centennial Trail stretches from the town of Snohomish to the north of Arlington. It is built on the old Burlington-Northern railroad line and has occasional stops with picnic tables and restrooms.

The trail is designed for walking, biking, hiking, skateboarding and/or horseback riding.

Ground broke in March on the Marysville construction project to allow access to the Centennial Trail.

“This is a recreational trail project and it will connect the existing Bayview Trail, which runs from SR-528 to 84th Street currently, to the Centennial Trail,” said Kyle Woods, project engineer with the city of Marysville.

The connection will open up access to the Centennial Trail for Marysville residents, especially for those that live in the 84th Street area which the Bayview Trail extension will go through.

“It gives the Whiskey Ridge area and Marysville Getchell High School a way to access the local trail system easily,” said Woods.

The biggest barrier to getting onto the Centennial Trail has been getting through Highway 9 to the east.

“This construction allows the Bayview Trail to get across Highway  9 as well, which is pretty important,” said Woods.

When finished the trail is planned to be a 12-foot wide asphalt trail that is 1.3-mile long extension of the Bayview Trail.

Woods said it will likely be considered a new part of the Bayview Trail.

The city plans to make some upgrades for the 84th Street and 83rd Avenue intersection.

“There’s some pedestrian facility improvements that we will be adding in front of Getchell,” said Woods.

Those improvements include some concrete ADA ramps and push-button upgrades for those walking through the intersection.

The project was budgeted for $1.3 million after the bid process, which is being paid for in part through grants.

“That is a combination of city funds, funds from the Washington State Department of Transportation and funds from the Department of Commerce,” said Woods.

Construction began in March.

”We’re doing in-road work now and will plan to finish up by mid-June,” said Woods.

“There are several properties that we are working through,” he said, including property that is owned by Snohomish County, the Washington State Department of Transportation and the Marysville School District.

“We’ll see traffic impacts starting in March and lasting through early June,” said Woods.

“Intermittent one-lane closures will be the biggest impacts,” he said, so no all-lane closures or detours are expected throughout the construction.


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Chris Covert-Bowlds

That's great news, more access to trails for healthy walking and biking! Thanks for letting us know!

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