A construction crew from Reece Construction works on the retaining wall for the Haller Park splash pad on Jan. 31.


The Haller Park splash pad in Arlington is on schedule to be opened this year as construction crews continue work at the park.

“What’s going to happen in the next couple of weeks is that it’s going to really come around,” said Jim Kelly, Public Works director for the city of Arlington.

A splash pad is a recreation area with no standing water but many nozzles that spray water upward for kids to play in.

More than $1,000,000 has been put into the budget for the project, including $550,000 from the Stillaguamish Tribe and another $500,000 from a Washington state recreation grant.

The Arlington Rotary Club started the effort for a splash pad by dedicated the funds from a couple of the Duck Dash events they run on the Fourth of July.

The splash pad is meant to help kids have a safer summer at Haller Park.

“We needed a place for the summer where kids could have some wet water fun without going into the river,” said Kelly.

“The Stillaguamish River is fun, but it’s dangerous,” he said.

The project is meant to provide a good alternative to the river for hot summer days and continue improving Haller Park, which has seen a number of upgrades the last few years.

Construction crews are now beginning to put in many parts of the splash pad.

“I’m starting to see a lot of people come out here to see the construction,” said Kelly. “Before it was a lot of dirt, but now there are things being put up."

Water and other utilities have been installed, pipes have been pressure tested and the foundation for the toys that will spray the water have been installed.

“They’ve put in all the drainage and piping for the splash pad,” said Kelly.

“Once all of the underground stuff is done, then you’ll really start to see it coming together,” he said.

That includes the pump building which is being set up. The spray toys are now on site, said Kelly, although they’re still waiting to be installed.

Crews are currently working on the retaining walls which will be concrete.

Reece Construction was awarded the bid to construct the splash pad with a deadline of March 31.

Kelly they are on track to finish by then, and are on track to complete their work possibly by the end of February.

“By the end of February we will be getting the splash pad experts out here to show us how to work it,” said Kelly.

He said that the crews have been doing a very good job with the work so far.

“Reece Construction is doing a great job on this project. They know it’s for the kids and a lot of them have kids of their own so they’re putting a lot of work into it,” he said.

The city will likely have a grand opening for the splash pad, but those details are still being worked out.

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