The Marysville water tower will receive maintenance from Nov. 9 to 13 to replace a corroded catwalk.


Maintenance work on the Marysville water tower will take place from Nov. 9 to 13 and will include replacement of the catwalk on the tower.

The catwalk has suffered corrosion over the years and is no longer safe to walk on.

"Last year, as you may recall, we didn't light up the water tower for Christmas because the catwalk was unsafe," said Connie Mennie, communications administrator with the city of Marysville.

City officials looked into the cost of maintenance.

"We got some estimates for what a full tower renovation would cost and they were pretty expensive," said Mennie.

Because of the current economic climate, city staff was directed to just pull out the catwalk portion of the renovation and complete that.

"We have to do occasional inspections there on the catwalk as well," said Mennie, so the renovations are necessary for the water tower for more than just the holiday lights.

The work will be done largely by a contractor, who came in at a low-bid of $88,750.

"They have already fabricated some new steel parts," said Mennie, and those will be welded into place onto the water tower.

New sections of the catwalk will be welded on Wednesday and possibly Thursday to the water tower.

The project is scheduled to only take a week and parts of the park and parking spots nearby will be closed off during that time.

Strong winds could delay the project.

"It doesn't have to be super great weather, just not super windy," said Mennie, as strong winds could blow welding sparks to nearby trees or structures.

The city plans to consider the rest of the renovation, which mainly involves re-coating the tower, at a later date, possibly with a 2022 re-coating.

The coating system protects the surface of the tower from deterioration and has a lifespan of about 20 years. The last time the tower was re-coated was in 2002.

An inspection last year determined that the coating was nearing the end of its life, said Mennie.

"If we did not replace the coating system and continued to allow the corrosion and deterioration to worsen, the water tower would eventually experience corrosion to the point it is no longer structurally stable and would need to undergo drastic and costly rehabilitation or be demolished," said Karen Latimer, utility manager for the city of Marysville.

"When the recoating work is finished up in 2022, the city will have received the full anticipated 20-year life on the current coating system," said Latimer.

When the catwalk is successfully installed city crews will be able to put holiday lights up again this December.

"This will help us get the lights up again this year," said Mennie. "We're looking forward to lighting up the tower again this year because a lot of people missed that."


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