Local volunteers helped build a ramp for an Arlington resident as part of the 2019 Rampathon on May 18.

The Master Builders Association of King and Snohomish Counties organize the annual event and this year were able to help construct 40 ramps across the two counties.

That includes one in Arlington and four more in Marysville this year.

Eric Wallace, a volunteer who helped to organize the Arlington build, has participated in the event before and returned this year.

"I'm in the construction industry but I'm mostly a desk guy, so I don't get to build anything anymore, with the exception of my own home products. So it's fun to get out and get my hands dirty again and it keeps my skills sharp," he said.

Wallace and others helped to build Arlington resident Jonathan Palin a ramp for his home.

"We're hoping to finish this whole thing up and have a ramp built by four o'clock," he said, "and if we don't, I have tomorrow to finish it up."

Other volunteers came out from the construction industry or as friends of Palin.

Palin suffered a traumatic brain injury when he was in a car accident as a child and requires a wheelchair full-time.

"I've been friends with Jonathan for almost 20 years. Our parents were friends," said local Scott Outson.

" He's our buddy. I've known Jonathan for almost six years now," said Diane Croy, who serves as Palin's caretaker.

"This will help him get in and out of his home easier," she said.

Currently Palin has to go around to the back entrance of his house to get in.

"He has a ramp van that will take him right [up to the ramp that is being built] and that way he has a straight shot to his house instead of going around back, which we have been doing thus far," said Outson.

Wallace said he enjoys the event because that ramp building is a clear goal that concretely helps people.

"I like it as a charitable event because there is a need and we can fill it. It's not an intractable problem like homelessness. It's something we can fix for somebody," he said.

"It's a great event and a lot of fun for everybody, especially when it's not raining," he said.

The annual Rampathon is a partnership between many different organizations that help build the ramps.

The Master Builders Association helps with outreach and finding the candidates who need ramps and can't provide them themselves.

"They organize the whole thing, so they take care of the paperwork and get the Port-o-Potty, and they help with lunch," said Wallace.

Dunn Lumber is the grand sponsor this year. "They provided the lumber and plywood for the decking," said Wallace.

Finally, Arlington Hardware helped with the Arlington ramp build this year by providing supplies as well. "They provided the pavers, the sand and the hardware," said Wallace.

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