Shonoimsh County Elections has released the unofficial results for the Aug. 6 Primary Election. Results are current as of 8 p.m. on Aug 6. Next update will be 5 p.m. on Aug. 7.

City of Marysville Council Position 5

Jeff Seibert received 2,004 votes, 36.71%, Todd Fahlman received 871 votes, 15.96% Leguang (Noah) Rui received 777 votes, 14.23%, Kelly J. Richards received 1,102 votes, 20.19%, Gary Kemp received 675 votes, 12.36%, and Write-ins received 30 votes, 0.55%.

Marysville School District 25 Director District 2

Mariana Maksimos received 2,478 votes, 39.33%, Kona Farry received 1,327 votes, 21.06%, Paul Galovin received 2,447, 38.84%, and Write-ins 49 votes, 0.78%.

Marysville School District 25 Director District 5

Halleh Stickels received 1,938 votes, 30.59%, Ryan Muri received 1,235 votes, 19.49%, tom Albright received 3,104 votes, 48.99%, and Write-ins received 59 votes, 0.93%.

Fire District 22 Prop. 1 Fire and EMS Levy

Approved received 492 votes, 61.73%, and Rejected received 305 votes, 38.27%

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