Local Tulalip kids ran through color at the Tribes’ third annual Say Something Color Run meant to raise awareness about suicide prevention.

The event, held on Oct. 5, is meant to bring kids together for a fun run.

“It does have a serious note to it, too, but it’s a good, fun event that celebrates life and living,” said Danielle Fryberg, one of the organizers of the event.

Local parents said they enjoyed having an activity to do with their children.

“It’s fun. I did it a couple of years ago and it was something fun to do with my kids, and I like the concept and the reason behind it,” said local parent Amber Cortez.

Jessica Bustad, one of the organizers of the event, said that the weather was a concern, but the event went well.

“We were a little worried because it was pouring down rain earlier, but it stopped just in time for the run, so that was awesome,” she said.

“We had quite a few participants and the kids had fun,” said Bustad.

Color runs, inspired by the Hindu festival “Holi,” are a popular form of fun run in which people run through brightly colored starch which color the runner's skin and clothes.

“You get to be crazy and make a mess and it’s okay,” said Bustad. “Literally everyone laughs the whole way through."

Fryberg said that the mess is part of the fun. “Everyone likes to make a mess every once in a while,” she said. “It’s just a fun event celebrating life and it’s for a good cause."

The Tulalip Tribes started the event three years ago as part of their “Unity and Wellness Month,” in which each week highlights a mental health issue that tribal officials hope to bring awareness to.

The Say Something Color Run was inspired by the Sandy Hook Promise in particular.

“They have an initiative about ‘Say Something’ which is about if you see something like bullying, you should speak up,” said Bustad.

The run is about taking care of oneself and others.

They are “spreading awareness about people honoring and loving their own lives, taking care of themselves mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally,” said Bustad.

In addition to suicide prevention week, Unity and Wellness Month will include weeks with activities focusing on bullying prevention, domestic violence prevention and substance abuse prevention.

“In October there was so many different causes that we wanted to spread awareness about,” said Bustad, so they gave each one it’s own week “to still be able to spread awareness without overwhelming people,” she said.

Upcoming events include things like a movie night on Oct. 10 and a harvest festival on Oct. 26, said Bustad.

For a full list of activities during the month of October go to tulalipyouthservices.com.

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