Daniel Libby and his daughter Hailey Libby ride down the inflatable slide at the Strawberry Festival Kids Day on June 8.


The Strawberry Festival began festivities with their day at the park meant for children and families with the annual Kids Day on June 8.

The Asbery Field event brings activities for kids, bouncy houses and children's performers to the town, all of which are free for families.

"It's the kickoff to the festival and there's so many families that can't afford to do something like this," said Marcy Giesler, Maryfest volunteer and organizer of this year's event.

Local parents said their children enjoyed the event.

"It's been really fun," said parent Daniel Libby.

"The kids are really enjoying it and she really got into that Alex Zerbe show for the kids," he said.

Alex "the Zaniac" Zerbe is a prop comedian and two-time Guiness World Record holder who came to perform at this year's Kids Day, along with other singers and performers.

Organizations and businesses brought other activities for kids, including gymnastics and a small building exercise from the local Home Depot.

"The kids like the bouncy houses and the giant inflatable slide that we have this year," said Giesler.

"I love the event, I wish it was a little better advertised though," said parent Brad Hamilton, who said he found out about the event from Home Depot.

Giesler said that this year's event was going well, despite concerns about the weather beforehand.

"After all the rain last night we couldn't paint the numbers on the grass for the vendors to set up," she said.

"This morning it was still a little rainy, but now it's beautiful. The sun came out right when the people started coming out," she said.

Although the weather did cause some of the activities to be cancelled.

"Unfortunately, because of the rain we weren't able to set up the mechanical bull but I'm going to run down shortly to see if we can still do it," she said.

The event was cancelled a few years back but Giesler said she has worked to bring it back during last year's festival and again at this year's festival.

"I really enjoy the people who say 'thanks for bringing this back.' The festival didn't do it for a couple of years, but I helped bring it back and people seem to enjoy it," she said.

She wanted to thank all the organizations that come out to help with the day.

"There are many businesses and organizations that enjoy doing it and interacting with all the families, giving away things," she said.

Giesler also wanted to recognize Marysville Toyota for their help sponsoring the event.

"We're trying to make sure everybody knows we're part of the community. We heard that the Strawberry Festival was the place to be, so we wanted to be here," said Rob Watson, digital business manager for Marysville Toyota.

More information about the rest of the Strawberry Festival events is available at

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