Roxas McNicholas enjoys one of the rides at the Stilly Valley Carnival put on by the Stilly Valley Chamber of Commerce on June 21.


The Stilly Valley Carnival returned to the Arlington Airport Field this year from June 20 to 23.

Classic carnival games, bumper cars and other rides filled up the field for local families to come and enjoy.

Parents and community members said they enjoyed the atmosphere and amount of different rides that were available at the carnival.

“We’ve been a few times and he absolutely loves it. We like the choice they have in rides,” said local Susan McNicholas.

“We didn’t go to the other one, we always go to this one. I like the kids rides better and it’s a nicer environment than Marysville,” said local parent Alicia Lefever.

The annual carnival is put on by the Stilly Valley Chamber of Commerce.

“We set up by the airport again this year,” said Jodi Hopkins, who works for the chamber and is the organizer of the this year's carnival.

The chamber contracts with a carnival company for the event each year.

"They travel all along the northwest during the summer,” said Hopkins. Some of the profits are shared with the chamber, so the carnival acts as a fundraiser for the organization as well.

Hopkins said that the chamber also likes to provide something for families in the summer.

"It seems to be a big hit each year,” she said.

"We like to do it when school gets out so that the kids have something fun to do with their friends. Sort of a celebration of the start of summer,” she said.

The carnival brings a number of different rides and activities for kids, from the slow rides to the ones that take carnival-goers higher and bring them down faster.

"I think that people like that it appeals to all ages,” said Hopkins.

There are also classic games.

"Even if you don't want to ride rides there are games you can play or the carnival food you can enjoy,” she said.

People also enjoy the carnival food, said Hopkins, and there are not many places to get cotton candy besides the big state fairs and small carnivals, she said.

"We hope that people come out and have a good time,” said Hopkins.

She said that the chamber will continue looking for what family events it can help host

"We continue to try and come up with events that will provide some local family fun,” she said.

More information about the chamber and their events is available at

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