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Oso Fire District Chief Willy Harper talks about a recent donation for a new aid car from the Stillaguamish Tribe on May 15. Stillaguamish Tribe board of directors secretary Trisha Pecor, background left, and council operations coordinator Rebecca Shannon, background center, hold the donation next to chairman Shawn Yanity.

The Tribe recently donates $180,000 to the Oso Fire District and $300,000 to the North County Regional Fire Authority

The Stillaguamish Tribe made two donations to local fire districts this May, including a $180,000 donation to the Oso Fire District that will completely fund a new ambulance.

The second donation was to the North County Regional Fire Authority and was for $300,000 meant to support their operations as well.

Oso Fire Chief Willy Harper accepted the donation at a ceremony on May 15.

Harper had been in contact with Stillaguamish Tribe officials before and had asked for any help to replace their aging aid car.

"We had asked for anything they could do to help and they called us and told us 'we're going to fully fund it,' and we could be more excited," he said.

Their aid car was originally purchased as a used model that had been driven since the '90s and had a lot of miles on it.

"It is the last apparatus in our fleet that is a used apparatus," said Harper.

The district received a grant last year that provided a new fire engine, and with this donation from the Stillaguamish Tribe they will be able to get a new ambulance as well.

"This will cover the whole cost and any other options we want to add to it," he said.

The fire district is currently looking at models for their aid car, said Harper.

Stillaguamish Tribe board of directors chairman Shawn Yanity said that the Tribe hopes to support local organizations, including fire districts.

"We have a long-standing relationship with our fire departments all the way from Stanwood to Darrington," he said.

"As our Tribe grows, and we're able to do it, we're going to wrap our arms around the community. Our fire departments are a part of our communities and we're happy to support them," he said.

Yanity also wanted to thank the firefighters and paramedics who support their community.

"We want to give recognition to these guys and gals for the work they do for our communities," he said.

"They put themselves out there in all different weathers and time of the day. We're very grateful to have this crew out there protecting us," he said.

Harper was also appreciative of the donation from the local Tribe.

"Thank you to the Stillaguamish Tribe. They're very supportive of our community and our mutual aid communities. We have a small tax base so these donations really help us," he said.

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