LifeChurch360 pastor Ryan Gano helps unpack some food and hands it to volunteer Tina Morgan during a food giveaway from VIDAiglesia360 on Oct. 30.


Volunteers and local religious leaders in Smokey Point helped to give out food during this tough time on Oct. 30.

VIDAiglesia360, the Spanish campus church of local LifeChurch360, received some food that they gave out to families.

"We got enough for 180 families with many boxes of food," said Ana Chesterfield, the Spanish campus pastor.

"What we want to do is serve the community, let them know that they're loved and that we support them," she said.

The food was provided from Snohomish County farmers.

"This was a blessing that just came down on Sunday and was confirmed on Monday. Now it is Friday and here we are," said Chesterfield.

"It's a group of farmers that have gotten together and are supporting families," she said.

They provided food to different communities throughout the county, including to VIDAiglesia360.

"So we're blessed to be able to provide that for this area of Smokey Point," said Chesterfield.

Volunteers came down to Smokey Point to help distribute the food.

"We love our community and we just want to bless them," said volunteer Tina Morgan. "We're sharing God's love with anybody we can, even if it's through food," she said.

Many said they enjoyed the work of helping out their neighbors.

"I like serving our community. A lot of people are in hard times right now and really need help and blessing. We're told to feed the hungry and take care of them," said volunteer June Bohannon.

Chesterfield said it is often satisfying work.

"To see their faces, especially those who are really in need because they are out of work or don't have their unemployment check yet," she said.

VIDAiglesia360 is at 3310 Smokey Point Dr., in Arlington, and is located in a facility also used by LifeChurch360 for childcare and as office space.

"VIDAiglesia360 is determined to serve the Hispanic community. We've been here for two years and we really want people to know that we're here," said Chesterfield.

"We want to get the word out that there is a Hispanic church here that can connect you to resources and serve you, that will help you to connect spiritually but also with the physical needs," she said.

The local church provides a food bank each Saturday that is held from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., said Chesterfield.

In addition they do a monthly service project to help their neighbors or the community at large.

Chesterfield said a lot of local Hispanic families need support.

"The need is there, it is very apparent. A lot of connections we end up making is because there is a need," she said.

More information about the local church is available at their website at or their Facebook page at

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