Joe Jungles, right, and Kylie Bowman browse some of the items available at Marysville’s Junk in the Trunk on July 9.


Marysville locals came out to sell their household goods and other items at the annual community garage sale Junk in the Trunk event that returned this year on July 9.

The event collects garage sales and small independent businesses into one market near downtown Marysville for a day in the summer each year.

“It’s going really well. Everybody has been happy and has shown up on time to get set up,” said Kristen Rasmussen, recreation supervisor for Marysville’s Parks, Culture and Recreation Department. “Everyone was excited to see the event going."

This is the first year since 2019 that the city has been able to hold the event.

“The vendors have missed it for the last two years so I think they’re glad to have it back,” said Rasmussen.

About 60 vendors attended this year’s Junk in the Trunk event.

Goods such as kitchen supplies, jewelry, clothing, toys and handcrafted items, among many other different finds, were being sold at the event this year.

“It’s really cool. There’s a lot of treasures,” said local Joe Jungle.

“It’s such a wide variety of things. Hopefully everyone will be able to find something they can take home,” said Rasmussen.

The event also provides something free community members can do with friends.

“It’s a nice thing to do in the summer. You get to some shopping and get some good deals while looking through everyone’s booths and stalls,” said Rasmussen.

Local Jesse White said he enjoyed talking with all the vendors at the event.

“I believe this event is wonderful. The weather is great. People are in a great mood and very talkative. Overall I’m having a great time out here,” he said.

This year included multiple food trucks which came down to the event, which Junk in the Trunk has never had before.

“It’s nice and now with the lunch hour I think it will start to pick up a little more. It’s a good element to have here to support the local businesses and have a little food and drink for the people to have while they’re here,” said Rasmussen.

Rasmussen said the city was happy to help put the event together for local residents.

“There was a lot of interest in the community to have some sort of garage sale type event and it’s nice to bring everyone together in one spot so it’s safe and controlled and we can help everyone be successful,” she said.

She wanted to thank all the vendors and the community who come out to the event for their support.


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